Granny’s Pool, a lagoon on Swansea Channel at Blacksmith’s, has been a favourite with swimmers for many generations. A gap in the breakwall on the natural tidal waterway created a clean, sandy and safe area for swimmers. It was originally known as “Chanty’s Pool”, after Bert Chant, who looked after the area when it was a camping ground in the 1920s and 30s.

It became known as Granny’s Pool because of its popularity amongst many parents and grandmothers who would take their small children there to swim, and enjoy the calmer, shallower waters compared to Blacksmith’s Beach and the Channel. Families enjoyed the tranquility and the magnificent views of the lake’s entrance.

In 2017, Council recognised the pressure by the local community to improve access by the dilapidated wooden stairs. Now a sealed road, shared pathway and viewing platform have been installed.