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Stories from the Shoebox

Stories from the Shoebox series is inspired by George Boyd, author, storyteller, keeper of our history. While researching the area’s history George was intrigued that many people would drag out shoe boxes full of photos and memorabilia. George sadly passed away in 2020.

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Keven Harman

Keven Harman, Old Man of the Sea, is one of the series, Stories from the Shoebox, for Heritage of East Lake Macquarie (HELM). It’s based on an oral history interview with Keven where he recalls his many childhood escapades, adventures and sporting achievements. From an early age, Keven Harman, a modest champion of the surf since 1947, has been an outstanding athlete. His achievements include several records and representing many sporting codes at district, state, national and international levels. Two potentially life changing accidents, the first in his teenage years and again in his 70s, didn’t deter Keven’s joy of life, love of adventure and determination to participate in competitive sports. This is his story as told by Keven.

Ernie Dickson

When World War I occurred, it changed forever the life of Emlyn Britton (Ernie) Dickson.  At the time he was a 5th year scenic artist apprentice to C Ritchie, Sydney, employed painting the interior of the Capital, State and Tivoli Theatres. Ernie fought at Gallipoli and France, where he recorded all around him in sketch books, now held in the collection of the Australian War Museum. Ernie returned home suffering both physical and emotional trauma.  Combating his demons with alcohol, he found it difficult to hold down a job.  He was befriended and supported by the people of Lake Macquarie and Newcastle.  Sadly only a few of Ernie’s artworks have been saved.  We hope this video of Ernie’s story will lead to some of his works being conserved and preserved for future generations.

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